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DELTA-BUD - największy Polski producent rusztowań i szalunków

Produkcja, dzierżawa i wynajem rusztowań - nowe i używane

Our company, working for years in a sector line, serving building companies, trying to be up to market’s needs has pleasure to offer You comprehensive deliveries of building equipment – scaffolds and building shuttering.

What can we do for you

Scaffolding facade produced by our company have been adapted to the standards and regulations in force in the European Union. Made in Polish with Polish steel plants account for their strength and reliability. Quality control at every stage of production eliminates error and increases the quality of the final product.

The most important element in the production of scaffolding by our company is to meet all the requirements important to each customer – from simple assembly through simple storage and transportation of scaffolding. We produce 4 facade scaffolding systems:
1) DELTA 70 grid to Claim
2) DELTA 73
3) DELTA B70
4) DELTA 65
And modular scaffolding system:

We sell formwork girder system based on H20. It is typically used to carry concrete elements such as beams and joists. It can also be used for mounting prefabricated slabs.
It is characterized by simplicity and a small amount of elements making up the support slab: tripod support, head and timber beam H20. A wide range of supports and girders girder systems applies even to the most complex structure.
For all components sold by us will receive the declaration of conformity and technical documentation.

formwork to Claim
We also have in our offer and foundation wall formwork.
We rely on RASTO formwork system.
This system is simple and requires in terms of assembly, as only two persons are enough. Regardless of the project and external conditions on the construction site, it provides excellent effects. It is used mainly in residential construction. The refining its quality and provides the following issue; frame thickness of 12 cm with reinforced corner and strong profiles allow to achieve concrete pressure 60 kN row / m2.
RASTO system components are:

the frame plate made of galvanized steel with the following dimensions: height – 270 cm, 300 cm, width – 30 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm, 65 cm, 70 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm,
connecting locks, tie rods and nuts, supports plumbing, articulated corners and brackets working platforms.

UNIMAX system is designed for temporary work security at the edges of buildings, to wygradzania excavations and earthworks, to protect the openings of lift shafts and many other places where life can be threatened people working on the edge.

unimax zastrzeżone stro


The system has been designed in a simple way. Just a brief introduction of product that a person could put such temporary edge protection. All components used in the production of both steel, wood and plastic conform to any standard used in the Polish and the European Union. The security system work on the edge of UNIMAX has been tested by the Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw and has been approved, in the form of a document for use on construction sites. The following document confirming obtained approval.

We have a steady supply of equipment for scaffolding:

  • Tarpaulins (formats: 2.60 or 3.10 x 10.0 or 20.0m),
  • Grids (formats: 2.50 or 3.00 x 10.0 and 20.0m),
  • Professional Winch scaffolding: GEDA, IMER.
  • Rotary joint 48/48,
  • Afixed joint 48/48,
  • Longitudinal connectors 48/48,
  • Connectors railing 48,
  • and other.




Structures beneath billboards are one of the specialties of our company.

konstrukcje reklamowe zastrzeż




With a simple design and the wide range of components DELTA structures can be set up almost anywhere. Reliability and durability these features make the structures under the banner ad with DELTA will serve many years and ergonomics and applicability and ease of assembly and disassembly facilitate your operation. We sell as well as lease the structure for advertising. Details in the file below.

Na bazie indywidualnych pomysłów lub projektów od klientów jesteśmy w stanie wyprodukować nowoczesne i skomplikowane konstrukcje stalowe.

Prace rozpoczynamy od stworzenia projektu oraz dokumentacji technicznej w programie AutoCad lub Solid Works 3D. Oczywiście na każdym etapie produkcji ustalamy wszystko z klientem. Gotowy projekt wraz z wyceną przedstawiamy klientowi. Po zatwierdzeniu pełnej dokumentacji oraz kosztorysu rozpoczyna się proces produkcji. Końcowy etap to weryfikacja oraz kontrola jakości uzyskanej konstrukcji. Gotowy produkt możemy zmontować na życzenie klienta.
Finalizując transakcję klient otrzymuje od nas gotowy i sprawdzony w 100% produkt wraz z dokumentacją techniczną oraz gwarancją.
Warto spróbować a nie będziecie Państwo zawiedzeni.

The technical department in our company is a team with great potential and qualifications.

We provide transport services throughout the country.

Our greatest value is to provide customers with quality service. Our drivers has a lot of experience as well as good manners, so you know exactly how to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and tap into their individual demands. Constantly renewed fleet of trucks will provide you with the delivery of the purchased or leased assortment without undue delay. Most cars equipped with a crane HDS for at unloading or loading is carried out smoothly and quickly. The services we provide transport facilities are at the highest level.s

What we do?

The best quality at a reasonable price, the years of experience of satisfied customers.


Unusual constructions


Ceiling Formowrk

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Delta 73

Delta 65

Delta 70



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